Block-H, Ganpati Vihar Colony Sojat, Rajasthan, India

About Us

Welcome To Naturenna!

We grew up in the heartland of herbals in Rajasthan. Sojat, a city also known as the Henna City, produces very rich quality henna (commonly marketed as Rajasthani Henna). And we have witnessed that how most of the times good quality henna is being exported to foreign countries and only substandard quality, adulterated with chemical colors is being sold in Indian market. Our idea behind the inception of Naturenna is to provide pure and natural henna and other herbals to our Indian consumers.

What Makes Our Henna Special?

Mehndi holds a lot of cultural significance in Indian traditions. You ever wonder Why?

The Henna paste symbolizes good health and prosperity in marriage. Henna is basically a leaf and its characteristics are is that it gives color, cools the skin, causes dryness and it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The biggest complaints of orange color and dryness are its inherent properties. But those can be overcome easily. And the most gratifying property is that henna lets you color your strands without doing any harm.


What Our Clients Say

[cq_vc_testimoniallist images=”797,904″ imagewidth=”130″ username=”Geetha,Simul Pandey” icon_fontawesome=”” avatarnum1=”5″ textalign=”center” delaytime=”4″ elementshape=”roundsmall” extraclass=”beauty”][testimonialitem]Friends ! This is really a 100% natural henna as claimed by the Brand. It is worth buying. You will not regret it . It is free from all the chemicals. There are many ways to add impurities, chemicals etc to henna. [/testimonialitem][testimonialitem] One must buy this natural mehndi… If you’re looking for mehndi powder then don’t buy any local market henna…go for this one. It is natural and safe with no side effects and best results.[/testimonialitem][/cq_vc_testimoniallist]

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