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How To Take Care Of Oily Skin

How To Take Care Of Oily Skin

Just like how important cleansing is for oily skin types, there are certain practices you need to follow to maintain the good condition of your skin. Let us look at some of those essential points.

Keeping Your Skin Clean

  • Wash your face twice daily – Rinse clean your face twice daily (both morning and at night) with warm water and any of the above mild cleansers. At night, you need to remove all the dirt, debris and make-up that pile up during the day. In the morning, you must clean all the impurities your skin has let out during the night.
  • Use oil-free cosmetics – It is very essential to use cosmetics that will not exacerbate skin oiliness. Check the labels and always opt for water-based or oil-free products. Try to keep your makeup minimum.
  • Use moisturizers selectively – Many people with oily skin types will maintain their distance from moisturizers thinking that their skin doesn’t need further lubrication. But, this is not true. People with oily skins still need to moisturize their skin regularly. However, you need to use moisturizers selectively. Avoid oily moisturizers or anything that can further clog up your skin. So, we recommend you to use oil-free moisturizers as they can help you achieve the balance in your skin.
  • Do not over wash your face – To tackle the oil build, you may be tempted to wash your face all throughout the day. But, washing your face more often will dry out the skin and cause irritation. Limit washing the face two times a day (morning and evening).
  • Be mindful of what touches your face – Even though your skin type is mostly genetic and the oil is produced underneath your skin, you still need to be mindful of what is touching your face. For example, if you have greasy hair and it is falling all over your face, some of its greasiness will get transferred to your face as well. Also if you’re often touching your face with grubby hands, you will be spreading the dirt and grease all over the skin. So, always keep your hands off your face.

Tackling Excess Oiliness

  • Try using a face mask – Clays and face masks work best in drawing out the oil from the skin. But, using them too often can also result in excess dryness and irritation. We recommend using masks only on the areas of the skin that are the oiliest. You can also opt for the products that are especially designed for oily skin.
  • Use blotting pads – It can be really upsetting when your skin gets oily continuously throughout the day. And frequently washing will only make it worse, So, what should you do? Use simple blotting pads that will help you in removing the excess oil present on the surface of the skin. You can also use a tissue or some toilet paper. Make sure to be gentle with your skin. Don’t scrub it!
  • Talk to a medical professional or a skincare expert – Even though you are using the right skin care products, if you still feel like you cannot diminish the oiliness, it is better you consult a medical professional or a skincare expert. They will guide you to further steps or may prescribe some medication.

Looking After Your Skin

  • Recognize what causes oily skin – The amount of the oil produced is different for different people. After puberty, the oil production in the skin will subside but the problems that are caused due to oily skin can continue into adulthood. Oily is often caused due to humid and hot weather conditions. Recognize what is causing your oily skin and avoid those situations. Because without knowing the cause you cannot treat the issue.
  • Reduce your stress levels – Heightened stress levels can exacerbate the issues, if you are having oily or acne prone skin. So, to combat oiliness, don’t stress, but rather try to find out ways to relax. Try doing some deep breathing, or meditation, or some gentle yoga. Go out for a walk, get some exercise and clear your head.
  • Have a healthy diet – Don’t believe when people say that greasy foods lead to greasy skin and acne, it’s just a myth. But, to promote a good overall health of the skin and well being, you need to have a healthy diet. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates like bread can trigger acne, so avoid taking those. Also minimize the hours you spend in the kitchen, as the greasiness in the air can stick to your skin and clog your pores.
  • Apply sunscreens – It is an absolute essential to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. When you buy a sunscreen, look for matte or oil-free options or the ones which are designed especially for oily skin types. As heavy sunscreens add new oiliness to your skin and will clog your pores. Use a sunscreen that has a broad spectrum with an SPF of minimum 30. Apply at least 20 minutes before you come in contact with the sun. And don’t forget to apply daily, even at home, and during winters.

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